Kai Brueckers

Designer, Frontend Developer & overall web enthusiast

Hi there!I design and craft for the web.
These are some of the things I've worked on.

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Show and tell for the people who do.
crafted.li focuses on original and creative projects detached from any client work.
It helps you to create your own digital

resume of projects that you've created – whether it's your own movie, app, website, book or suchlike.
And the best: It's totally free!

Things I did:
  • Idea
  • Concept
  • Design
  • Frontend Development

UX und Tollerei

»UX und Tollerei« is a small project I started in early 2015. I always wanted to make some kind of a weekly curated reading list of noteworthy articles, news about the latest

trends and insights from the UX community (and beyond).
A compact roundup for you to catch up throughout the weekend, so to speak.

Things I did:
  • Weekly issues
  • Design (illustrations made
    by @fabiandenter, though)
  • Frontend Development


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inspirabox is a web service for any type of creatives who want to find, organize and share their inspirations.
Via bookmarklet right in your browser or

native apps for iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices, you'll be able to save any inspirational content on the web to
your collection.

Things I did:
  • Idea
  • Concept
  • Art Direction
  • Frontend Development


Coming soon

This personal project started in summer 2013 when I bought my very own Garmin Forerunner 405. To motivate myself, I started experimenting with a bunch of

various tracking solutions and ended up with writing my own digital "Lauftagebuch", where I keep track of my workouts whether I run or cycle.

Things I did:
  • Idea
  • Concept
  • Design
  • Development

My name is Kai.

Guess what, I'm a Designer, Frontend Developer & overall web enthusiast from Moenchengladbach, Germany, who loves to build things for the web. When I'm not

at work, I like to travel, read blogs, learn how to draw or co-create short films like »Rewind«. I also have a partiality for handmade stuff.

If you still want to know more about me, you should consider following me on my several social profiles or shoot me an email.

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